Bubble Painting | Homeschooling Fun

When you google bubble painting there are 2 techniques. One involves food coloring and one paint. I decided to try food coloring since I wasn't 100% sure my kids wouldn't accidentally drink the solution. I figured at least food coloring is designed to be eaten (even if it's not great for you), verses paint. I'm sure we could debate whether the non toxic paint or food coloring is worse but meh. No one actually wanted to drink the solution but, as anticipated, one kiddo forgot to take the straw out of their mouth before drawing air and GULP! MOOOOOOOM! oh MOOOOM! it's gross! Yeah, soap is awful to get in our mouth but lesson learned.

You can google for ratios but the basics are - water, dish soap, and food coloring (or paint). Now, learn from me here- if you have trays with edges (like sheet pans) USE THEM. My kids got so into bubbling that they hardly made any prints but made a monstrous mess bubbling over their bowls. The prints are just dropping a sheet of thick paper over the bubbles or touching the paper to the edges of the bubbles. My kids did both and they worked fine. Just be sure to use paint paper b/c anything thinner will tear!

Was the activity worth the mess? Heck yes! My kids had so much fun!


In The Still Of The Night | Orlando Homebirth Photographer

While her son slept, Mama labored with her husband and good friend by her side. Lucky for mama, her good friend also happens to be a wonderful chiropractor well versed in caring for pregnant women. Rhonda, of Tree of Life, attended to Mama with patience and love, guiding baby S earthside.

Face Presentation - A Rare Vaginal Birth | Orlando Florida Birth Photographer

"Oh my goodness, come look!, Get a picture of this!" said one of the nurses holding mom's foot. I looked to mom who nodded yes and then untangled myself from my cramped position at the head of her bed. Another nurse laid her hand on my back guiding me over to where I had a clear view of the baby's lips protruding from the vaginal opening. "CLICK!" Quickly, another contraction washed over mom. As she bore down I took a step back. The nurses came together helping to lift mom's legs, still heavy with the effects of her epidural. Shooting beneath and between their elbows, I was able to capture baby fully emerging in a rare face presentation vaginal delivery.

The statistics for face presentation births are all over the place. I've seen 1/500, 1/600 and even 1/1,250 quoted. The Farm posted their stats from 1970-2010 which reflected only 13 face presentation births in that 40 year period. In my 5 years of photographing births, this was a first.

In the second to last image, you can see the baby return to the position he seems to have been inside of his mom and in the last image you can see some of the bruising to baby's face. Baby is happy, healthy, and home with family.

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A different kind of water birth | Born on Sunday Orlando

What happens when baby is coming too fast for the birth pool set up? In this case, Mama bolted for the shower at the last minute, surprising us all with a (sort of) water baby anyways.

When I first arrived, the birth team was setting up the pool while mama's close friend helped her ride the waves of contractions. It quickly became apparent that baby was going to arrive before the pool could be filled and Midwife Maggie of Birth in Awareness set up her birthing stool at the foot of the bed. Feeling the urge to push, Mama quickly jumped up and ran into the bathroom, turning on the shower. Shortly after, a tiny baby girl joined the happy crowd in the small master bathroom. These kind of surprises keep birth photographers like me on our toes! If you are laboring on a Sunday, call me! You too can be part of my Born On Sunday series!