A different kind of water birth | Born on Sunday Orlando

What happens when baby is coming too fast for the birth pool set up? In this case, Mama bolted for the shower at the last minute, surprising us all with a (sort of) water baby anyways.

When I first arrived, the birth team was setting up the pool while mama's close friend helped her ride the waves of contractions. It quickly became apparent that baby was going to arrive before the pool could be filled and Midwife Maggie of Birth in Awareness set up her birthing stool at the foot of the bed. Feeling the urge to push, Mama quickly jumped up and ran into the bathroom, turning on the shower. Shortly after, a tiny baby girl joined the happy crowd in the small master bathroom. These kind of surprises keep birth photographers like me on our toes! If you are laboring on a Sunday, call me! You too can be part of my Born On Sunday series!