Born on Sunday is a love letter to mothers everywhere. We live in a world in which social media bans images of the birthing and feeding of babies. Not only does this cause our community at large to disassociate from the process of birth, it also perpetuates archaic notions about women's bodies and their place in society.

Women who have had their birth stories photographed look back at the pictures and see strength where they thought there was weakness. They see power in their body at a time during the birth where they felt out of control. They can see how their own bodies transform.

There is so much power in that.

The “rules” are few and simple:

  • Mom has to be likely to deliver on a Sunday

  • She must be willing to sign a model release

  • The birth must be taking place within a 90 minute drive of my ZIP code 32765 (except when I am traveling)

  • Mom must not already have a birth photographer (unless that also happens to be me)

Born on Sunday seeks to highlight the universal truth of birth- that every birth is beautiful, and that every mama matters. My goal is to photograph a wide variety of women so that every woman can see herself represented and reflected in the Born on Sunday series. And, in a time where mothering seems to be constantly under fire, now is when we need to spread this love around the most. My hope is that the women I photograph will share their birth stories not only through my project but on a personal level with other women on the same journey. That they will stand up and say Fuck yeah! I did this! I am strong, I am powerful, I am beautiful, and you are too!

Is it Sunday? Are you laboring? Are you ready to take part?

Call me!  407-721-6029